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I was 22 when I first noticed occasional electrical sensations down my back when I looked down. Sometimes my body tingled all over when it was hot out. At 23, my foot would drag when I was too tired, which seemed to happen more often. At 24, I woke up one day and the left side of my face wouldn't move. My first ER visit, and I stupidly didn't mention the minor symptoms that I didn't feel were bothering me. The doctor did no tests. "It's just Bell's Palsy. Here's some prednisone." I got better quickly. Over these three years, I fell. A lot. Mostly at work, a few times outside my house. About six months after the Bell's palsy, I fell badly and tore a ligament in my knee. I came to be known as a klutz. Between February and March of this year, I had four ER visits for intermittent severe headaches, vertigo, and vomiting. The drugs they gave helped for a few days, and then I would have to go right back. I went on March 5th to the third different ER. "It's your inner ear, you need vestibular therapy." The therapists seemed worried, and wanted me to see the physiatrist. The day of the appointment, March 14th, I woke up and was walking like I was drunk. The physiatrist immediately sent me up through the ER. A head MRI, a spinal MRI, and a spinal tap confirmed the neurologists thoughts - this was MS. Today, I am doing well. I am on Rebif, vitamins, and a diet/exercise regimen. No dizziness, vomiting, headaches, and PT helped with the walking immensely. My symptoms are only bad when I am fatigued - they seem to snowball from there. I have the most wonderful partner of almost 6 years; he has been here through all these wacky symptoms, the diagnosis, and is ultra supportive. I am here for anyone who wants to chat about all things MS. Update 5/27/2015: I am still doing very well. A bad relapse last Christmas and a host of new lesions led to me discontinuing Rebif and starting Gilenya. I now feel almost as good as I did pre-diagnosis.


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