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My first symptom was vertigo in 2009ish. It lasted for a week. The doctor ran a bunch of blood work and I had hypothyroidism. Then, a short time later, my abdomen, back and legs were numb and tingly. I had just joined the gym because I was very overweight, so I thought I had a pinched nerve or something. I went back to the doctor and she immediately sent me to a neuologist. I was so confused! The neuologist told me she was concerned I had MS and did X-rays, MRI and a spinal tap. She told me I had lesions on my brain but they weren't necessarily consistent with MS. I had one lesion on my spine and my spinal tap came back normal. Her plan was to monitor me with regular MRI. At this time I was a struggling college student and couldn't even afford all the test already ran, much less more just for monitoring. Shortly after this, I graduated college and moved back in with my mom. I lost a lot of weight, started working out regularly and greatly reduced my stress levels. I assumed my symptom were manifestations of my unhealthy lifestyle and were all behind me...... Unfortunately, I was wrong! New Years Eve 2015 my boyfriend proposed to me. At the end of January his dad got sick and was in the hospital until he passed In May, a couple days before we closed on our first house. In June I started fostering two eight day old puppies that needed bottle feeding every 3-4 hours. By the end of the summer I was drained!! We adopted one of the puppies and my best friend adopted the other. I had more time to my self but was still struggling to get back into my regular 5-6 days at the gym. I felt more tired as the year went on. Flash forward to 2017...I got married in April! In May a started having the numbness and tingling my abdomen again. I seen my primary care physician and started the testing over again. I was officially diagnosed with MS in August. I started on Copaxone a couple weeks after I was diagnosed. The injections are hard for me. My 3rd and 4th injections gave me awful flu like symptoms. I was freezing and shaking uncontrollably, my fever would spike to 103 in a matter of minutes. I changed my injections to the evening and take ibuprofen before, so far that has helped with my reaction. I still have the injection site reactions which aren't fun. I have sore spots for days, up to a weeks later. I have always been very sensitive to shots but I'm hoping these reactions subside with time. I feel like I've been lucky, I don't have pain or balance issues, my vision is fine so I know it could be a lot worse. My numbness and tingling has gone away but my fatigue is awful! I want to do fun things, walk my dog everyday, get back to the gym on a regular basis but I am so sleepy all the time! I can sleep all night, take a nap for an hour or more and still be dragging. I feel lazy and useless because it's hard to get the motivation to do the simplest household tasks sometimes. My hope is to find a way to manage my fatigue and feel well enough to have a baby. I am nervous since I am already so tired that a baby would be too much stress. For now I will just be grateful that my symptoms aren't more debilitating and focus on my health and my family.

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