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Hi, I am Joan. I guess I first had symptoms back in 1994. Numbness and bladder control. Went to the doctor had tests done, but didn't follow through. I was young and stupid and going through a divorce, and really didn't want to know. Between 1994 and 2010 I guess you can say was up and down. My relapse in 2010 was vertigo, trigeminal neuralgia (horrible face pain, headache) and blurred vision. My spinal tap was fine, but the MRI showed several lesions on my brain. I continued to work for 3 years, but working in retail it was getting hard to do. I retired so to speak in 2013. It took me about 6 months to get up the courage to apply for disability. Fortunately, when I did I was approved. I seem to have the most problems with cognitive, fatigue, and the wonderful brain fog(or does that fall under cognitive?). See folks, not the brightest bulb in the marque! I have a wonderful husband who is very understanding. We were only married for 4 years when I got diagnosed. He is still with me bless his heart. It is really hard to write "my story", to me it feels like a am writing a Christmas letter to put into cards, and I can't find anything interesting to say. So....I may add to this from time to time, but pretty boring here. Would love to chat about these pesky symptoms that we put up with throughout the day, make me feel less crazy!


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