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So I am in the Air Force and about 5 months ago my left foot and leg started to tingle and feel like they were falling asleep. Then this atarted into my right let. I never said anything about it. Then when I would play softball or work out my left eye stared to blurr over. I then went to optometry and they said that my eye seemed ok. Now about 2 months ago my fingers on both hands really had started to tingle so I went to the doctor and they decded to schedule me for an MRI. I did the MRI and they now tell me that I have MS and schedule me for and appoinatment with a neurologist and he tell me I have MS and shows me lot of little white dots on my brain scans and he tells me these are lesion also that one was noticed on my left optic neuro someting (sorry I can't remember what he called it) also there was a big one on my upper spine and that is why when put my head down towards my chest I get a like electical shock down my back. So I ask him "so 100% I have MS?" and answer is pretty much "well I am over 90% sure but 100% is a hard to say". AAAHHHH So he decided to give me a spinal tap and also had a lot of blood drawn. I called him Friday and he said he had gotten most of my results back except for two that where sent off and had not returned yet. He then said that he wanted to start me on pillspills for 3 days.1 nexium a day and prednisone 12 tables by mouth in the AM and 13 in the PM. 25 50mg pills a day for a total of 1250mg a day for 3 days. It seems like so much but I guess that is the new suggested amount. So does this meen that I have MS? I just want to know because sitting around thinking about it just makes it so much worse. I fingers still feel so bad. A little bit let less in the legs except when I go running but my back electrical shock seems to be lasting longer and longer when I bend my head down. What is supposed to let me know that 100% I have MS? He showed me lesions and my left optic thing. He did say something about all of my tests coming back ok or clear, I think the other tests were done to make sure that I did not have anything else that steroid medicine would make worse. I know I rambled on but any advice would be very greatful. thank you


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS, Secondary-Progressive MS (SPMS)
First experienced symptoms2012
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Numbness, Vision Problems, Depression, Itching

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