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Ms began affecting my life two years ago. Began with blinding migraines,high bp,anxiety. 8 months of feeling fine. Then tingling in my fingers right arm then shoulder then later my face then both arms later knees ankles. I began to lose balance. Me a server who could balance a tray full of glasses filled with beverages to the rim without spilling a drop thru a crowded restaurant gracefully was falling across a flat surface now. Several times. I got glasses. Maybe with age i just needed to adjust I'm 37 ,until i tripped and went thru a plate glass window. No this was off something was wrong. Then i had the weekend long headache.three days long of a migraine beyond any pain I'd ever had. Ended up in the er. Wound up with numbness to the right of side of my face,it felt "sparkly"on one side is the only way i could describe it. I began choking on medication that i took for my bp which is a tiny pill lisinopril 5mg, on other things I'd never had problems swallowing before. As a person whose very deliberate with her words or articulate i found myself tongue tied more often than not,and foggy. Forgetful. Lost. I often cry because since this incident of the weekend long headache i don't feel like myself anymore. I am often fatigued and depressed but i try very hard to put on a smile. In the words of Marilyn Monroe keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about. Its true, i am, on the other hand besides what I'm going thru a wife a friend a mother a grandmother a poet and an artist.this is just a difficult challenge for me.i was a very active person loved to run and to dance i walked two miles a day now it's hard to move around my home. I have had lab work ct scan eeg my mri is this Thursday i suppose the spinal tap comes next. I'm here looking for moral support.i feel lost and quite honestly scared i hope to also be support to someone who may need that from me. Even tho i feel blue most of the time, hope remains the ray of light that i strive towards every day i sit in it and draw the strength i need there


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Hobbies and other interestsI paint and love to do arts and crafts i also love to write

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