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After having my hand be numb for a few days which then turned into my whole arm I knew something was up. After going to countless doctors and none of them having any idea what was going on I was referred to a neurologist. After my first MRI he broke the news that I had MS. Crazy thing is that was some of the best news I've ever gotten. After losing both of my grandparents to cancer I was sure that I had a tumor wrapped around my spine or cancer in my brain so finding out I had this disease I have never heard of instead was some of the best news I could imagine. Well fast forward time 2 years and I'm not quiet as excited as I was. I am a transmission lineman for a living which is a very intense job, somedays I'm hanging from a helicopter flying into remote locations to put in new lines. Other days I'm climbing a 120' wood structures with 60 pounds of tools on my back with a quarter inch of gaff in the wood holding me and all that weight. As crummy as getting diagnosed with MS was I just try to live everyday to the fullest. I eat as healthy as possible and hit the gym every other day. I plan on working and doing the things I love for the rest of my life so this MS business has got to stop.


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