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Hi! So my story... I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago after I was hospitalized with severe vertigo( I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy). After ruling out a stroke, tumor etc the drs told my my MRI determined in was MS, on my 39th birthday. Happy F'n birthday!:) I decided to change diet etc. and monitor it before taking meds. I did very well for almost exactly 2 years and then started having symptoms but also slowly stopped taking care of myself and eating poorly. Getting back on track! Flash forward to today and I've been dealing with some optic neuritis and gait balance issues. So, back to the neuro doc and am going to try out some meds which I hope the forum on here can help me with. My biggest challenges now is changing my traveling work life and figuring out when to see medical attention and when to just slow down, how to deal with work etc. and again I hope to gain some insight here! Yay the Internet! As others have commented MS really did change aspects of my life and give perspective etc. so that's the positive. It's help made me a more positive happy person and I look forward to getting a leg up on it! I'm struggling right now with some issues and severe fatigue but I'm hopeful that will pass soon! I've got traveling to do!

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