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August 27, 2014 I woke up with numbness on the bottom of my right foot - no big deal I slept wrong. August 29, 2014 I woke up to my right side from my torso down and my right hand being numb. I called the doctor's office and was sent to the ER. Spent the day at the ER, where I had several test done: blood work, MRI, ultrasound of the neck, and EKG. I was advised I had white matter in the brain, and that I was to make an appointment with a neurologist within the next few days. September 3, 2014 I met with my Neurologist and was given two possibilities, migraine or MS. I suffer from migraines; the thought was this was a form of a migraine. I was sent for a Spinal Tap. Now we had to wait - I could not get in until October 1st to have the Tap done. Having Kaiser Permanente as my health care provider, I am able to see the lab results as they are released. I spoke to my DR after several results were returned and what she sees and what I see today, agrees with MS. While I wait for the DR to say Officially I have MS. She agrees that unofficially this is MS. So my MS story begins -


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS
First experienced symptoms2014
First Diagnosed 2014
Symptoms Numbness, Spasticity


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