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I experienced my first "true" MS-related event in the winter of 2007, when I woke-up, blinded in my left eye. My Primary suggested I go to an Infectious Disease doctor, who discovered a "history of Lyme disease." After spending over a month with a pic line that did nothing, visited my Opthamologist (who suggested I go to a Neurologist), then after several blood "donations," 2 lumbar punctures, and several MRIs, was officially diagnosed with MS (about a 6-week process to get diagnosed). From there, I have experienced mainly cognitive impairment (more severe during a relapse), but also bowel/bladder/balance issues, severe depression, mood-swings, and anger. Betaseron was the first DMT I was admitted, until it stopped working in 2011, had my first relapse, had a few courses of Solumedrol, plasma-pharesis when the steroids proved ineffective, finally placed on Tysabri (still taking). I can honestly say that without the NJ MMP, I may have committed suicide awhile ago. Not only does it uplift my mood, it eases my pain and spasticity. Drawbacks-availability of CBD-intensive strains, availability of Sativa-strains, decreased activity yet increased appetite. I have a reserved personality and low self-esteem, so my social interactions are primarily due to work or family events/holidays. Work zaps my energy levels, but it pays my medical bills (typical catch-22 situation: work causes stress and anxiety, but pays for medical treatment so I can continue to work. I have become 25 to 30 lbs over-weight, and hate the way it makes me feel (physically, emotionally, spiritually drained). My biggest hope is that researchers will find a way to successfully repair damaged myelin, discover a cure, and finally end my body's terrorist-activities on itself. Having MS has been like experiencing terrorism. You never know when it is going to hit, where it will happen, or just how severe of an attack it will be.


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