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On march 2nd 2016 I was diagnosed with ms. It all started with my neck started getting numb I didn't feel any pain but just the fact that I could feel the numbness would bother me. I went to the dr and all he did was give me steroids. He said if it doesn't go away come back and we will send you for an mri maybe you have a pinched nerve. So i took my meds and nothing. Well then my chest started getting numb as well so I went back. I got sent to get an mri and the next day they called me that I needed to go see a neurologist so I did. I was so nervous and it don't help that I ended up going alone. When I was called back the dr asked me lots of questions and did tests on me then he told me you have ms! I broke down how is it that I'm 27 and I have had back surgery and have high blood pressure now this? He probably Sat there and talked to me a good 45 mins explaining it to me and talking to me about the meds I could take but I knew he was talking but I could not hear him. The next two weeks I shut down I wouldn't eat nor really talk to anyone. I started copaxone about two weeks everything is ok but the welps and bruising is getting to me. If anyone has any info on copaxone or is taking it please reach out.

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