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*Fatigue, Mental, Face weaknees, no taste, No feeling in mouth, Muscle spasms, bladder and bowel problems, trouble walking, difficult swallowing, Blurry eye visions, Swelling, Seizures, Severe Headaches, Chest and Breathing problems, Shake when writing, bending down, walking & Sometimes just a full blown out shake from head to toe, Intercourse problems, brain fogs, Dizziness, teeth Problems, Tiredness quickly, loss of voice, sleep problems, Pain " Very hard to describe the pain" hearing problems* ------------------- Hearing the Diagnosis On May 26th, Have had Neck and Back M.R.I and Lumbar Puncture.. ------------------ Ive learnt - Leave your doc if they don't do nothing to help you or ignores your requests.. That is what i did, and now im getting the answers that i need and the help i need.. I should have done something before but when your doc tells you its all in your head, You actually say yep, ignore it.. Don't do that. ------------------- ☆☆☆☆ And if you have Mental Problems!! Get those worked on also, They make matters worse... Im getting the help that i need, with all of my problems!! ☆☆☆☆


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