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New at this and a hot mess...diagnosed formally just before holidays in early Dec 2016, after 5 years of no solution...tons of cardio and gastric work ups....with other aging related issues!! My mom died the day after my diagnosis. What a rollercoaster ride. Trying to find my new "normal", not always graceful at times. Missing my mind the most. Just started stabilization med...Tecfidera on Feb 1st, day 57 since my diagnosis. Too soon to say if it's the right one or not!!******** Now that i have some knowledge and experience with MS i decided to update my story. Given i am almost 20 years one day at a time without a drink my coping skills of being an alcoholic in recovery from that progressive illness compliment my now having MS to deal with. Concerning physical well-being the road forks there. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually MS and Alcoholism are similar i found, all bets off physically though...it's not as simple as physically not picking up one drink for one day, hence i have a choice...a better quality of life in theory. With MS there is no such choice on a physical level. It is on a larger scale more cunning, baffling, and powerful! There are good days and bad....at least i know what my problem is now! The "critics" were right, all my "MS - undiagnosed" complications were "in my head" - literally! Given my pre-MS lifestyle knowledge is still power but i have a huge hurtle to face to get from "here to there" and find my new "normal". My current life toolbox is lacking some stuff to make it a graceful transition. Who "plans" for a tragic thing like MS!?...when physical health has never really been this elusive or an issue!? Invisible symptoms - never got it until i got them...was uninformed to no fault of my own. Don't know what i don't know. From what i hear MS is full of unknowns and "surprises" affecting the quality of life in daily living...actually, it is what i know now! Never had to live like this - participate in this kinda "online" lifestyle, seek public assistance help, was never one for Facebook. Would rather be outdoors when possible. Purely my choice given i had my physical health to accomodate the lifestyle. My profile pic on here is my daughter and i on a Father's Day ATV ride just last year, where we stopped for lunch by a beautiful pond...her first "solo" drive in the woods at 11 yrs old...oops silly me...16 yrs old because that's the law...lol. Her path has made her more responsible than a typical person her age that already has her in training to run with the big dogs with a work hard play hard mentality...no choice of her own in many ways. My goal is to again this Father's Day drive myself on an ATV on this same trip in the woods. My expectations may or may not be unrealistic...only God knows. I'm not driving on my ME Drivers Lic since Dec 2016 due to MS but that's apples and oranges in my book. My medical and support teams will surely assist in making that call!! I find God and serenity running hot in the wild...huge psychological benefit every time i can do it! It is like starting over at 50 yrs old....I'm a "mature infant" if that makes sense!? Conflicted and complicated. A pure blessing that this forum exists for support and knowledge. A wise man once told me several key points concerning quality of life. A lucky man he who can count his "true" friends on even just one hand when he dies. What other people think of me is none of my business EVER!!...so i better treat EVERYONE the way i wanna be treated. FEAR is conquered by FAITH every time...and faith without works is dead, God - Good Orderly Direction, by those scared of the word GOD could call it, hears us and speaks back through other people, places, things and situations...we gotta learn to speak our truth so we can shut up and listen to God's response. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!! Pretty simple stuff, but far from EASY!!! PEACE...Joe


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