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I was first diagnosed in January 2010 at 33 years old. I had just gotten married in September 2009 and was experiencing extreme fatigue, sensory issues, l'hermittes and numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. On my honeymoon we went to Mexico where we spent most of our time by the pool where it was hot and sunny and at the time I couldn't figure out why I was feeling such fatigue! It was very hard on both my husband and I being newlyweds and just starting our life together and getting such devistating news. I began to see a dr at the MS Center at Weil Cornell hospital in New York City and she has been wonderful! When first getting a diagnosis of an illness you go through the typical feelings of anger, sadness, denial and then finally acceptance and for me the courage and determination to not let MS rule my life! Instead I decided to organize a team for my first Walk MS! It was wonderful to have the support from family and friends and it made all the difference. I think it is very important to be your own advocate as well as being knowledgable in regards to the disease and to allow yourself to grieve and be angry when first diagnosed. It will only make you stronger in the end!


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