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Hello, My name is Jenee' and I was recently diagnosed with the early stages of MS. I initially thought I was having issues related to high blood pressure. However, some of the symptoms that I had experienced recently was not quite the same. I remember feeling like I was losing my balance at work and thought my pressure was high. The longer I waited for the symptoms to pass, the worse they became. When I realized that I had trouble with coordination and taking a short walk in my room , I knew it was more than high blood pressure. I went to the emergency room on three occasions, before they admitted me to the hospital. After several tests and a CAT Scan, it was discovered that I had lesions on the back of my brain. To say the least, I am still trying to process the words MS in relation to myself but I am attempting to learn as much as I can about this disease. I am a proud mother or two adult sons and one minor child and it is necessary that I learn how to manage this illness so that I can be around for my children. I am new to Charlotte, NC and I am starting to believe had I not relocated here i would have never found about this illness. I have heard from many medical professionals that although there is no cure, but there is a lot of new research that has been done on MS and there are opportunities to live with this condition and live a healthy and productive life. I am looking to converse with other women or men that can possibly shed light on their experiences as well. I recently turned 43 last month and if the Lord will allow, I plan to be here to see many more years with my children. Signed, Jenee'


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