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I was twelve when I lost the sight in one eye and was too weak to walk for nearly 2 months. The doctor said I had metal in my eye( not that they found any) And Glandular fever. For years I had problems, why did my legs ache so much? I was only young still. So many little complaints that no/one took any notice of. I stopped mentioning any of my problems , my mother said I should wear a warm singlet that would solve everything! 35 years old and two kids later I got horrendous back pain. It was searing burning hot. It made me cry at night, the doctor sent me for bone density scans, X-rays,cat scan, he must have thought I was a hypochondriac or just plain nuts! Pain in my head migraines they said, really did everyone feel like this? I wanted to blow my head off with a gun I couldn’t stand it. Another tramadol injection at the after hours ( nurse says your having too many of these, you could become dependent! ) Did they really think I came to sit there for hours paying them $90.00 a shot because ii wanted drugs. All I wanted was to get rid of the pain that made me want to die. Next I had a terrible pain in my abdomen like a stomach bug but higher up, the doctor gave me some milky concoction for indigestion Were they kidding? Then one evening driving home I couldn’t stand the safety belt touching me, just on one side. My clothes felt alien. The doctor said your getting shingles come back when they show. They never did. My foot went numb, I never bothered about that just put up with it, it wasn’t painful ( poor circulation maybe?) Until the numbness started climbing up my leg. I worked all weekend ( as I was working full time) and then went back to the after hours because I thought do I have a DVT? I got a wonderful woman doctor that thoroughly tested me for 3/4 of an hour. She said I’m ringing your doctor tomorrow, you need to have an MRI You have either had a stoke or you have MS or a tumour. I kept thinking please don’t be a tumour! 3 lesions later I had MS I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! What is MS? Well now I know and I’ve had another 22 years of keeping it to myself- now I want to start talking!


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