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hello.... i can tell you about my first ms moment. i am a doctor in Indian system of medicine ie ayurveda and a yoga teacher too. during my studies i happened to meet an 18 year old girl in my ward. her name was athira. she was very charming and enthusiastic. i just knew that she has some neurological disorder.nothing more.. one day we went for a walk and happened to see a sunrise .then she asked me..,"doctor, do u know why the sun is rising in the east?" i nodded my head to tell a no. she continued "the same with my disease as well. nobody knows why it happened to me,just me. !!!" but this time i didn't want to just nod my head. i wanted to give an answer. i believed that every question needs to be answered. i went back to my hospital and started reading about her disease.it had a name .multiple sclerosis. i read more and more , but never found an answer . later i did my best to improve her condition and help her. i taught her yoga,changed he diet, gave many treatments. later when i finished my studies i, i joined in a ms research center,where i met lots of athiras. many of them were asking me the same question. but they were happy about the treatment at the center. in the begin even i was doubtful about the results of the treatment. but Dr,prasanth who has already met 1000s of people with ms,was never doubtful of what he does. i could literally see the changes in their MRIs and happiness on their face. today as i am writing this, my primary aim is to help maximum MS people as i can. share their experiences to make them know that you are not alone in this fight. i donno what i can do..but i am ready to do as much as i can. i don't know why you were chosen by ms.all i know is how to support you..... have a happy life;-)


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