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I have been diagnosed numerous times over the last 15 years with "its probably chronic fatigue" and its probably a "pinched nerve" etc...etc... I almost aways was put on medrol dose pac....predisone...and yes it would help for months. I had an achilles tendon rupture in 2011. Complete tear. I am not an athlete , i am a mail carrier. I walk all day and get good exercise. Any way. I had surgery and had a cast for 2 months where foot was pointed entire time. I got cast off...did pt and back to work in a month. Walking...every day..6 days a week, and ride horse in spare time. Anyway...2 years later I am getting horrible charlie horse in that calf. Doctor said muscle is atrophied and its not from the tendon and somethong is wrong. Mind you i had MS symptoms that I didnt know were SYMPTOMS because doctors blow it of. Numb spots....patches that burn like brush burn, then go away.( oh is fibro....) shy bowel...its IBS...i have to use laxative suppositories every week. ..and spasms numbness in face arsm legs...sporadically or for dayz...and crazy vibratiion that starts in left breast then spreads and lasts days. Anyway...i never go to the doctor lol! I eat well and physically active to extreme.....but this past year fatigue has kicked my but and legs have had episodes where I cant pick them up only shuffle. My.Brain MRI unconclusive because only a few lesions periventricular and doc said I am too young...did all blood work...ruled out anything except vitamin d very low. Getting spinal tap wednesday. On Neurontin, Nuvigil, and muscle relaxer. All help...heavy legs not so bad...but numbness. Squeezing feeling and twitching face and eye stiil going on and off. I dont have a clue what it is...doc is mean when I ask for a note for work explaining i cant walk as fast some days therefore I can always get done my mail route in alloted time. He got nasty and said...no you will lose your job. So what to do...i could be in trouble with job for not keeping up....no diagnosis....but why all thes tests but clearly he doesnt believe me......so frustrated and feel just plain crazy...i limp amd its in my head.. my mri was no contrast and brain only. Had 4 spots. I feel down and nuts. But hope to find some friends in same boat. The doctor said it the MS diagnosis would answer my symptoms...had nerve study too. And getting evoked potential test after spinal tap. Said its probably amd that my smoking could have caused progression....yet acts like its all in my head...because i dont go to ER for any symptoms....then they arent real? And when I told doc that my forgetfullness is getting really bad...he didnt even comment. On my mail route after i walk 3 blocks, i get in the teuck and start it....then forget where I am and have to thonk and really look around....like waiting for the on switch to click. Same with everyday. Sugar has its cupboard. But may go to 4 cupboards first and then when I get to thw rigjt one...click...thats right...why did i go to the others ...oh well. Just fwel crazy...could be dangerous.


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