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Life often hinges on twists of fate. This is the first line of my story published in the Spring 2013 edition of the MS Connection Newsletter. This phrase has taken on increasing meaning in my life living with such a challenging illness. My husband, Stephen, and I continue to struggle with the daily challenges of living with ms. We also continue to grow closer as a couple perhaps because we take so much less for granted, and our gratitude for simple pleasures also continues to grow. We are reaching out to the ms community that has helped us numerous times. Our wine venture allows us to give back, as we donate a portion of the profits to the NMMS and other valuable organizations that help people living with ms. Life hinges on twists of fate. We focus on creating meaning out of difficulty. Life is easier and strangely more satisfying when we steer ourselves toward positive action, instead of negative resolve. Ms seems to be here to stay, so we are making the best of it!



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