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My Story will update frequently as I learn new things about my past: Im retired USMC and my state of mind is always Honor, loyality, respect. The corp ingrained that into me. That being said. I've never regretted any choice I've ever made until I ignored what was happening to me. The thought process was "Oh its nothing it will go away on its own." Man was I very wrong. If you know someone that thinks this way and they are having early symptoms of MS please talk them into at least getting tested. Its worth catching this early. Its not just in there / your head. Well now onto my story. My MS started in my early 30s. Possably earlier because of the damage they found. In 2002 I was out with my (now ex) wife. We were going out to eat like we did every Sunday. She asked me to get her something from the counter. Wasnt something big just a paper cup of catchup. On my way back to the table... No matter how hard I tried I couldnt hold on to this 2oz paper cup. It was like I was fighting my body for control. Over time I noticed other things and didnt think anything of it.. That was the worst mistake I could have ever done. In 2004 I was hospitalized with an unknown illness. (Later discovered as heat stroke). An MRI that my Dr. Ordered showed the most life changing condition I've ever faced, RRMS. Doctor told me that with my allergy's to ALL staroids treating this would be difficulty. My Doc followed up with a Spinal Tap along with other tests he had already done to confirm what he had suspected for years. My ex wife didnt realize how much this would change things. She couldnt bear to see me like that and she left... I hold no Ill will for her doing what she did that is not the kind of person I am. Time has moved on as it tends to do and my remissions do give me peace from time to time. Just last year (2015) the biggest blow so far hit me. I lost my ability to walk. This one still upsets me and I fight my wheelchair every day. I'm always telling myself I don't need this thing I can do it myself, but sadly I wind up crawling across the floor to get in my chair. In my mind I'll never stop fighting for my independence. One thing I would say to someone newly diagnosed with MS is, Never give up on who you are or what you want to do. Never give up and never let it win. The road is not easy but nothing in life worth fighting for is. And if we chat one thing to keep in mind is sometimes what I want to say and how it comes out don't always sound friendly (often comes out sounding sarcastic lol) but its ment ernstly. I think its my training coming out lol. Marines can be a bit aggressive even when not meaning to be. Even former ones lol. Recent update June 19, 2016: I just discovered where my MS Risk came from. To me this helpes me come to turms with it. But my father had it as well, same type too. RRMS I guess runs in our family. I know this isn't how you get MS but family history is a small factor. This is something I should have known about him but haven't seen him in 38 years I was only 5 when he vanished from our lives.

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