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The doctors first said she had an inner ear infection, and then blamed it on another type of infection before they diagnosed her with “probable MS.” That was three years later, when she was only 19 years old. When she was first diagnosed, [MS] was not talked about and it wasn’t in the news, Not having any information, you only knew whatever gossip you heard about it, and that was scary.” Because of this, she took her time telling others. She kept it a secret from us, (Her parents) .and only told her fiance because she thought he had the right to know. She was afraid about what he would think if she came down the aisle with a white cane wrapped in royal blue, or a wheelchair decorated in white and pearls, she was giving him the option of backing out if he didn’t want to deal with a sick wife.” She was scared of her disease, and scared to tell others because of the stigma associated with it. She lose friends because they think, ‘She can’t do this or that.’ The phone just gradually stops ringing. It’s not like that now. she goes out and do everything now, but those were supposed to be fun years. After recurring vision problems, she had to leave her dream job as a certified ophthalmic and excimer laser technician at Stanford Hospital and go on permanent disability. She was disheartened and angry, but looking back, she feels fortunate. This awful thing turned into the greatest blessing, she was able to enjoy being available to her kids whenever they needed her. Watching them grow up was something she surely would’ve missed out on if she was buried in her profession. She appreciates life much more today than ever before, and she tells other recently diagnosed patients that there’s always a bright side — even if they don’t expect it. We thank God for her and life and that of her family.

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