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I was officially diagnosed in 02/2003 I will remember it well. My first noticeable symptom was when my left leg gave out as I was going up the stairs at work. I thought it was odd and may be I just missed a step. Several days later the same thing happened again. My first inclination was it was a pinched nerve as I had one of those back in the 80's and problem was solved. Unfortunately that was not the case. I have been on Copaxone since 2003 and I have not gotten any worse or at least I don't think so. I have a gimpy left leg which I wear a WalkAid and use a cane. The WalkAid is a miracle and I am grateful for it. I still try to play golf when it is cool and I wear an AFO on my left leg for support in the grass. I still work full time although I get to work out of my home office and I travel.


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