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I got diagnosed with MS when I was 20 years old. I woke up one day after going to a college football game with my friends and went to wash my face and the feeling of the counter touching my leg was like a shooting pain. I didn't think much of it and went and saw my primary doctor. He told me to take some Tylenol/Ibuprofen and see if that helps. Shortly after that I had a migraine for a week straight. I couldn't think straight and had to get sent home from work. Finally, I had enough of the migraine and went to the hospital. Not doing any tests on me or anything the doctor told me I just needed to get a "massage." Weeks later I was at work and went to write something for someone and I found it hard to write (It looked like a 5 year olds handwriting when they first start writing) then, following that I started limping. I found it hard to walk around and just blamed it on me doing something "crazy" because I was a party animal and so young. I went back to my primary doctor and I told him what I was experiencing. Since, he knew me and knew I never complained about pain he said "this was outside of his scope of practice" and is referring me to the Neurologist. I knew now something wasn't right. I got referred and went in and had to get many MRI'S and test came back with lesions all over my brain and spine. So, the next step was to get a "spinal tap." FUN!! So, I went in and my Neurologist did the procedure and couldn't get the spinal fluid out because my "spine was curved." He sent me to have an emergency lumbar puncture the next day at the hospital. So, I went to the hospital and the doctor was so upset because I was in so much pain already and my spine was not curved. He ended up getting the fluid from my spine and sent me home. After I healed I got sent to start my steroids and then had a nurse to start my medicine "Betaseron." I was on Betaseron for about 6 months and started becoming severly depressed from the injections everyday. I ended up having a relapse and had to take an extra shot of steroids to help me with my flare up. My anxiety was so bad I couldn't even use the auto-injector to give my shots. I had to ask for help from family and friends each day. So, I ended up switching medicine because my depression got so bad. They put me on "Copaxone" and was doing well with that for about 6 months as well. Having to give shots every other day was better but, my body started hurting from all the shots I was giving to myself. I got to the point I couldn't build the courage to give myself shots anymore. I then got switched to oral medications and got put on Gilenya. I was on this medicine for about a year until I started getting abscesses in various spots on my body. My neurologist then switched me to Aubagio and I've been on this pill for 3 years now and have been doing well. I still get anxiety and depression at times but, I try to stay as active and healthy as much as I can. Today, many people never know but, I struggle daily with depression, fatigue, and anxiety. I try to stay as positive as can be and stay as active as possible but, with MS it's hard because being fatigue gets the best of me. Plus, I still have the internal burning in my leg that is a daily reminder of having MS. Please find me on Facebook. Write me a message. I'd love to connect and learn more about others and your stories.

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