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I was dx with RRMS July 2001, ON June 2008, living in toasty Phoenix for over 30 years after growing up in the Big Apple not far from Shea Stadium. I'm an IT professional and sports fanatic who was diagnosed with RRMS in July 2001; double vision, difficulty walking, couldn't keep food down. One morning in mid-July, I woke up to a spinning room and that started a 3-week hospital stay, where I had to relearn a lot of things, it felt like I had regressed to the skill level of a four-year old. I was back at work late that August, so I recovered pretty well. Before this all happened, I had just gotten engaged to the most wonderful woman I guy could ask for...we married in 2002. I can walk, even did the MS Walk a few times, but balance could be better and I have some trouble using my hands for precision tasks like using tools. I have been on Betaseron/Extavia since since 2001 and take Provigil (until my insurance decided it is not a MS therapy in 2014) and Fluoxetine for fatigue. I was taking monthly IV drips of Solumedrol from August 2001 - July 2007. In June 2008, I contracted optic neuritis in my left eye, which has prevented me from seeing the color red out of it, it never recovered. I lost my job three months prior after having perfect attendance since 2001 when I left the hospital. Finding work was difficult, that was a big part of my stress. I worked my last job until June 2013 with cognitive issues (speed, speech and decision making) affecting job performance leading to my dismissal. Turned down for SSDI after hearing in 2016, decision appeal is still pending.

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