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Had my first MRI done in 2012. I got out of bed one morning and noticed that my left leg seemed a little heavier than my right, like I was wearing a boot. Feeling a little concerned, I scheduled a doctor appointment. After my engagement with the doctor he suggested to make an appointment to get an MRI. My results from this was a bulged disk laying pressure on the the sciatic nerve on the left side of my spine. So with this, he set me up about twelve weeks of PT. It seemed to help and I finished my PT sessions and continued my life as normal. It wasn't until 2015 when I noticed I started getting foot-drop followed by a few other symptoms such as neuropathy in my feet and left hand. In the fall of 2016 I went back to the doctor and was scheduled to receive another MRI on my lower back once more. Results were the same as first. My doctor thought that was unusual so she sent to see a neurologist in Sandusky, Ohio where he run multiple tests and scheduled me yet another MRI but this time on cervix column from lower brain to top part of the spine.Results for this one showed the lessons present. That was March of 2017. From here he referred me to the Cleveland clinic to see a neurologist where she scheduled me yet another MRI on upper brain which came back with a few more lessons. She told me it looks like you have progressive MS. My local neurologist told me I should have a lumbar puncture done to make sure. He gave me my options which was of gloom and doom and prescription chemical laced drugs to help manage my symptoms. After extensive research on these options I concluded that changing my lifestyle and diet far outweighed the side affects of the poison drugs they recommend. So that's where I'm at today. Although I was never fully diagnosed, I just research more information about autoimmune diseases every day and eat healthier and exercise consistently. I manage.


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