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A few margaritas later & a trip to Busch Gardens for Halloscream, my left leg decides to have a mind of it's own. My then BF and I were walking through the park happy and merry when all of a sudden my left leg started moving outward to the right rather then forward like all the other people's legs were. I lost complete balance and after falling and knocking over a few safety poles, we decided I was in dire need of a wheelchair. Needless to say we did not complete our venture in the park, but rather were worried and I was transported out in the wheelchair headed to the nearest hospital. Tests were ran including X-Rays, bloodwork and a physical however, no MRI. All the tests came back 'normal' and I was releases. Strange, upon getting out of the hospital bed, I was able to walk just as nothing ever happened. I continued my days as an insurance agent. One day I could not get to work. I could not even walk in my apartment, but rather crawl. I called my manager and explained the troubling situation hoping it was temporary or another fluke. It was not. For a week I became a crawling basketcase and called management again. He decided to put me on STD which then led into LTD. I could not hold my torso up, my arms or my legs. I was in wonder and distress of not knowing for months until the new year came and my health insurance with the company became effective. I went to the doctor explaining my symptoms, thinking perhaps it had to do with the epidural I had August 22,2009 when I had my last baby. It was not. A MRI and spinal tap later, it was determined to be Multiple Sclerosis. So they pumped me with steroids through my veins to aid in reducing the lesions or size of. Although this did help to get me back on my feet and upright, I still had sever balance problems as well as leg dragging and numbness or dropfoot. And only on leg was affected; my left leg. The leg this all started with at the theme park. sigh.... 4 & a half years later of being diagnosed things a bit improved after much medication including 2 years of Tysabri (which I am currently on). To date symptoms include pain, poor balance, left leg weakness after walking so long, numbness in general & spasticity. This is only the physical. I am also extremely poor with memory, mood swings I didn't have before being diagnosed as well as poor cognitive capabilities. On a positive note, I am spiritual abundant in the sense I have a strength that I would not have experienced if not for all these experiences, so for that I am grateful.


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