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HI! I am battling a serious illness, and I am extremely disabled. The doctors feel I may have MS, and I have had lesions on my brain. I am extremely limited, and am in a wheelchair. I am looking for a friend or friends, local to me, that I can help support and be supported. Most of my friends are very active, since I was very active myself at one point, too. I became disabled two years ago, and it would be nice to find someone to do low-key things with, even if it is just doing nothing lol. I can walk a little, but not very much.


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Hobbies and other interestsWell, up until two years ago I was extremely active and had tons of hobbies!! But being disabled, I'm not able to fulfill most of my hobbies anymore, due to limitations. But, I still enjoy hearing about the craft for the hobbies I can't do. Hopefully one day I'll be able to do them again. Lately I do arts and crafts, talk, and just sit around basically. I can't do much because my nervous system is hypersensitive. I can't be around much noise or even bright lights. I can't watch tv or read at all because I can't look at anything for that long due to eye issues. In the past, I sang, produced music, arranged music and wrote music (I still write music and poetry), wrote books (still do that somewhat, when I'm able to), think (still am a deep thinker), dance (can't do that anymore), concert-movies-tv (can't do those anymore), walk in the park (can't do that anymore either). So really as of right now my only hobby that I am ABLE to do is arts and crafts and maybe sit and talk if I'm lucky. When I talk my airways close up so... I am limited on talking.

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