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I believe telling my story is the hardest task. After reading several stories written by others who have MS, they all start to sound the same. Just saying. MS starting rearing it's ugly symptoms when I was about 15yrs of age. It started with my vision going between good and blurry, then it was balance problems. These symptoms would come and go and of course I was told you are just lazy. After a while I thought they were right, and I was a young girl with many problems. I suffered for years with the loss of two husbands, and a man that said he would be there no matter what....I felt useless and did not know what my purpose was in life. The walls were closing in on me. It was like a nasty game, periods of down and then up, I was very confused and finally after a MRI in 1985 I was diagnosed with lesions in my brain stem and spinal cord. I did not know if I should be crying or laughing or both. I was angry that it took so long but happy they finally could tell me what was wrong after all those years of wonderment. I was not crazy, not faking it, or looking for sympathy. I had a real disease with a name. I swore if I ever heard "We don't know" again I was going to scream so loud my voice box would be destroyed. I went through so many emotions that day it fatigued me. I slept for three days absorbing all this new information. I now had a task of finding out everything I could about MS. Through out the years I had three sons, the lights of my life. They are all grown now but I have three Granddaughters and one Grandson. My life has had ups and downs, but is as normal as anyones life. It might take me longer to do tasks that you can do in half of the time, I may forget what you just told me, but if you are patient with me I will do my best to stay centered on the most important areas of my life. My family, true friends and others whom I know have MS, you are all my sisters and brothers. We have in common a disease that they still trying to find out how did we get it, how do we alleviate the the symptoms without being guinea pigs. Can we cure it? We know as much as the Medical Community, and they went to school for years and still no answers. Even though we are in this situation try to live your life to the fullest or to the best of your ability, don't stay in the sun or heat. Try not to get overtired, or stressed out. HAHA If we have no one we have each other, who knows what our everyday life is like. We don't ask for sympathy only empathy......


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Mobility and accessibility
Hobbies and other interestsI love to Garden, flowers and vegetables. I used to paint but my hands shake to much for that anymore. My sons and grandkids are # 1. They bring me so much happiness. I would love to find a nice man to share my life with but that becomes less and less as I age. I still believe in smiling all the time, and staying as happy as possible'

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