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Hi! My name is Diyamond and I was recently diagnosed with MS on December 17, 2013. I'm extremely new to this so I wouldn't even know where to start. I've lived a normal life. Never had any major medical issues or been hospitalized. So hearing this news has already changed my life. I've always been active. Dancing is my hobby. Typical girl things, shopping, etc. My biggest concern with MS was the lesions in my brain. I immediately thought I would end up with brain damage and be disable to the point I would died, which I was told is not the case. So I'm blessed to know my situation could have been worse. What got me to see a doctor was a numb, tingle sensation that went from my waist down. After a week of this on going irritation, I went to the ER and was told to follow up with a neurologist ASAP. Once that happened and I began my research, I pretty much knew what was coming, although I prayed for it not to. I had my first MRI where they found lesions on my spinal cord and multiple lesions on my brain when I got my last MRI. And there you go, MS. Looking back, I had extreme issues with mood swings, allllways tired, sharp hip pains and then the waist down numbness. I joined this to start my story. To be able to communicate with others going through the same as I am would truly help me cope. Thank you all for listening. Let's help each other LIVE. - Diyamond


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS
First experienced symptoms2013
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Depression


Living Well with MS Healthy living
Getting Involved Walk MS, Challenge Walk, Volunteering
Hobbies and other interestsI love to dance. I enjoy helping others, listening and be open minded.

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