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My wife Carol has had relapsing MS for over 35 years. I am her strength trainer. Starting in January 2012 we embarked on an aggressive course of strength training and flexibility training from neck to feet 8 hours a week with me as her trainer. We did this on the assumption we would create muscle mass to compensate for deficits in neurology. We saw interesting positive changes in the first week and amazing changes from January 2012 to January 2014. We did not merely slow or stop them but reversed them and restored many lost functions on multiple matrices. I have written a book on this entitled, "The MS Warriors, A Love Story: Reversing Disability from Multiple Sclerosis Through Strength Training:" This book is available at www.amazon.com. The book is the basis for a film documentary about what we have done entitled, "The MS Warriors, a Love Story." The webpage is www.themswarrior.com. You can see the trailer there. We still need funds to get to distribution.. I am also working on getting funding from The Multiple Sclerosis Society to conduct empirical research to replicate what we have discovered. Feel free to contact me at 615-554-5876 and dphillipy@comcast.net.


Living Well with MS Caregiver Support, Healthy living, Mobility and accessibility
Getting Involved Advocacy
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Hobbies and other interestsFilms and film making; exercise, particularly strength training with my wife, writing.

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