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It was late in 2009. I was working as a bartender at a little neighborhood dive bar. One night while I was closing, I noticed I was stuttering and stumbling over my words. I chalked it up to being over-tired. Little did I know, M.S. was about to make an appearance. We fast forward to mid-February of 2010. I noticed numbness in the bottom of my feet but didn't think anything of it. Within 7 days, the numbness had gotten all the way to my belly button and I was starting to go blind in both eyes. I head to the emergency room and they proceeded to give me a slew of tests to see what was wrong. It took a few days but they noticed an abnormal amount of lesions in my brain and 2 on my brain stem and they determined I had M.S. Afterwards, my body basically started to fail me. I soon was almost completely blind, became numb over 85% of my body and then I couldn't walk. When I did try to walk, I fell. I was crushed. I almost gave up because my body was on such a rapid decline and nothing I did stopped it. Then I woke up one day and got extremely pissed off and decided to fight back. I was 27 years old and I still have a long life ahead of me. I began researching as much as I could about diet, exercise, and the like and I soon had myself into therapy as well as tweaked my diet. I also got into hydrotherapy and noticed an immediate improvement. I felt good for the first time in a long time. I was back in good shape, I could walk again, and my eyesight returned to normal save for a bit of residual damage. I've lost the ability to run or jump and I have pretty bad nerve damage in my legs but last year alone, I succeeded in doing the M.S. Walk without my cane, completing all 3 miles for the first time since I was diagnosed. My biggest achievement came at the end of August 2013 when I took on the M.S. Muckfest (which is a 5K obstacle course) and beat it in 3:30 hours. My favorite thing of last year was that I finished the year off by being onstage and performing behind my drums in front of friends and family once again!

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