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I never knew what MS was until I started dating my husband. He had just turned 25 and I was 22. When things started to get serious, he told me he had recently got diagnosed with MS a year before and was wanting to know if I were still up to dating him since it would be a "challenge" in the future. I was up for this so-called "challenge." Seven years later and we are now happily married and are blessed with our one year old daughter. I joined MS Connection because since he was first diagnosed, life has gotten a bit harder and more stressful. I want to see how other people cope with their partner's illness. There are many bad days, but also many good ones, too, but with my husbands constant emotional rollercoaster in dealing with this disease, it takes a toll on me on being a good person, wife and mother. Any encouraging words or advice would be appreciated. Feel free to email me if you, too, are in a similar situation. I can be good words of encouragement too. Thanks in advance. -Erika

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