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I am rather new to MS as a disease affecting my life. The symptoms were affecting me for at least the last 15 years, however, I was a caregiver for my disabled mother, so I didn't have time to delve into the problems that were affecting me.However, May 21, 2015 is a very significant day in my life: one that I will never, ever forget. On the morning of May 21, 2015 I woke up with the absolute worst case of dizziness that I had ever encountered. I was walking completely off balance and I could barely see. I did not have a headache or anything. Headaches were usually indicative of an increase in my blood pressure, but those episodes were sporadic. I used my Mom's blood pressure cuff and my pressure was 190/130. I then went to the Urgent Care Clinic in order to be seen as fast as possible. The attending NP gave me one pill that I learned was Clonidine to try and reduce the BP and sent me straight to the nearest ER. I was given a Brain CT that ended up being abnormal. Because of the abnormal CT, I was scheduled for a Brain MRI. Even after numerous tests and numerous medications, my BP was only brought down to 177/113. I was sent home and told to see my Primary Care Physician ASAP. My disabled mother passed away at 10:30 pm that night. Fast forward to July, 2015. After finally seeing my PCP and her reviewing the ER discharge notes, etc., she ordered a STAT Brain MRI. I had it on July 10, 2015. Sometimes later after the results were finally reviewed, she called me in and informed me that I had several brain lesions that were of an unconfirmed origin. I was finally referred to a neurology clinic. After several more exacerbations of symptoms that increasingly more and more severe, on June 13, 2016, I received a diagnosis of MS. My biggest challenge has been getting those around me to understand the challenges of having MS. Sometimes my adult children are in complete denial, or believe that I am supposed to be able to do certain things because they have seen textbook models or other with MS and they believe their functioning is the norm.

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