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54 year-old gay man living with MS for 22 years. Several exacerbations over the years, currently I am quite stable and doing well. I have been taking Gilennya for over 2 years now. Have been hospitalized twice with MS Had Acute severe pancreatitis in Jan 2009, had sludge in my gall bladder, major infections during a 3 month hospital stay followed by another 3 months in rehab, a total of 59 days in a hospital bed. Had to go to rehab to learn how to walk and function again. Walk with a cane for long distances.Had my gall ball bladder removed in 2010.Do not use a cane inside the house. Still drive a car, no longer able to work full time since 2001. Lived with my 86-tear old father for the last 13 years. He was in failing health and we were each others care givers for as much as we could physically do. He passed away in September 2015. I am currently living alone in a double wide mobile home in a 55+ community that I shared with my father for the past 10 years. There is hope for MS not being a death-sentence for me - excited about the new research by the MS Society - especially recent vitamin D study. Have a 2-year old rescue cat Chester; that I absolutely love !!!


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