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Hello :-) My name is Andrew Diaz and my story begins in 2008. I met my beautiful wife on my space of that time. together we hit it off at a dinner Christmas party at my job sight. She had told me about her illness, MS. I had never herd of this illness and side effects, I explained to her that whatever it is this will not change me from continuing seeing her, we will survive and handle it day by day. Since that night we became more and more inseparable. A year later in 2009 we got married. As the years gone by her illness started to increase, a new challenge, a new experience. I took it by myself to research and study the many symptoms, in 2017 I wrote a book and had it published. This book will provide many answers and methods as to how to care for one suffering with MS. Please take the time to read my book, It's called "The Care Giver". Let me know what you think about it and share it with those caregivers and patients on how to assist/address this situation in my life.


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Hobbies and other interestsAm an Oil Painter Artist, Poet, Handyman and a vendor for Comic Con Shows.

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