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  • Gender Male
  • Age 50
  • Relationship Married

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Married with two children a boy 13 and a girl 10. Diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in February of 2010. Very active in Ironman, Marathon, & Overall fitness. Hope to use events to raise awareness to MS and how exercise helps. Ran my first event since diagnosis on 3-18-12 in Cary at the Tobaco Road in Cary, NC. I rode in the MS New Bern ride in 2012 ride 100 miles each day. I completed the Tobacco Road Marathon again in 2013 and plan to ride the MS ride again as well as many Triathlons to raise awareness. My motto is Every Step Beats MS!


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2009
First Diagnosed 2010
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Pain, Cognitive Dysfunction, Itching
Treatments Tysabri, Vitamin D, runnin,cyclying,swimming,strength training, & Diet


Living Well with MS Healthy living
Getting Involved Bike MS, Do It Yourself Fundraising
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsanything related to exercise

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