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I married my wife 46 years ago knowing she had MS. We have fought many battles together and we have enjoyed many things together. The things we enjoy together have far greater meaning to us for it took many difficult steps to accomplish. There has been many hospitalizations, periods of were the quality of life was poor, however we have refused to give into MS. The power of Prayer is the most powerful prescription one can have. We have raised two sons. Both sons now have there own families and are doing well. My wife's will power is amazing. She has been in a wheelchair for over 35 years. She can barely take more than few steps. That has not stopped us from enjoying retirement. We have travel all over Ireland, around London by public bus, sped through France and the Netherlands on Euro Rail, taken several cruise to the Caribbean and cruise/ rail tour of Alaska. That is just to name a few adventures. We tell the kids if there is a penny left in the accounts when dad and mom are called home we goofed. The bottom line is MS is not going to stop us from doing what we would like to do and enjoy. Through the Power Of the Lord we will serve Him and enjoy life.


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