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My name is Gisselle. I am 40 years old . Mother of a 22 year old daughter. I have been diagnosed with MS and 2007. Ever since then, I have been a bit in denial because my relapses went away. However, most recently in the years 2015, 2016 and currently 2017 I have been facing more challenges with Ms, which includes extreme fatigue, loss of balance and inability to remember things and much more. I have started seeing a neurologist and been prescribed techfedora which it seems as if its not doing much. it scares me a bit because of one of the main side effects is brain infection, so I sometimes take as needed however I should be taking it everyday I was also prescribed Oxycodone for the pain, Gabapentin for nerve relief and upped my intake on vitamin D and magnesium foods. I havent seen a physical change or felt a physical change but hopefully it serves me well in the long run. My hope is to one day find a way to regain energy on a daily basis and be able to walk more than two blocks which is my challenge as of now . I recently purchased a car in 2016 because my ability to walk more than two blocks have really gotten a bit depressing and it prevented me from doing a lot of things, one of which was finding my way to work. I could no longer walk to the bus stop, so I had to purchase a car so that I can be able to get to and from work, A lot of people tell me that I should start exercising and stretching and so on, however I am faced with another challenge of fatigue. theres so much that I can do and I am limited by the things that I would like to do and so its not as easy as it sounds. Hopefully one day there will be a solution to this disease that has pretty much no explanation as to what causes it and people are able to get back to live regular lives. until then, I have hope and faith that God will have a solution or resolution to this disease called MS.


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Hobbies and other interestsWalking motivational speaking hairdressing bowling anything that gives me a challenge even now I still try to do things that I know I am unable to do but at least I give it a try.

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