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Ha, ha! I began as an MS 'city' person. One of my first major moments then occurred as I was racing down to the nearest downtown washroom! From then on I made sure that I only frequented those places that gave ready access to one. You might say that my biggest challenge is also staying social around this 'handicap' too. And only clean washrooms by the way. My elusive hopes and dreams are to remain the person that I am. My first symptom, optic neuritis, occurred when I was in my mid thirties, about 1976. I recall standing in the kitchen when my right eye was instantly pierced with a sharp pain. This left my eye considerable blurred. Having just had the flu I thought that this was some kind of aftermath. I do not recall how I knew this, but immediately there came to my mind the thought of MS. Gradually throughnthenwindows the eye pain diminished but it took weeks for the blurred vision to leave never really leaving my eye completely. It was not until 2007 when I was formerly diagnosed through an MRI at the Royal Alex Hospital, Edmonton, AB. I had all of a sudden noticed a blurred vision when turning my head to the left. I mentioned this to my GP after which I eventually was examined my an eye surgeon. This doctor for which I thank God recognized the symptom and in a matter of form made the diagnosis which led me to have the MRI. Now I am in my early seventies. I have had no MS medication not requiring it and as well as being extremely sensitive to drugs. I have taken Tegretol only twice and briefly as it worked quickly on my pain. Presently two more major symptoms have occurred: The major thing for me is more frequent depression (surprise, surprise) which affects me often. The trouble with this is that I really am not aware of it at the time - I just feel angry, upset, tired, and suffer the consequences. Atbthese times, I just want the world to stop so that I can get off! If you know what I mean. - I have an appointment with an eye surgeon as a follow up to my regular eye examination for new eye glasses. Actually and ironically my vision had improved in the past year! But now there seems to be evidence of an angle (glaucoma?) problem. - Lately, about the last few months, I feel very sore and very tight down the back of my spinal column. I have seen an MS massage therapist regularly in the past three years regardless. I am sometimes very content and happy with a good frame of mind. I have a church family that make up the bulk of my friends that make me very happy with life in general. 2017 Robert and I were married in the Tropical Pyramid, Muttart Conservatory Edmonton AB February 19. 2017. Our immediate families were there with us having helped all the way. It was a lovely day although I do admit the the MS was not without its complications. Let's face it, am I the only MS person that keeps on going even when their body has stoped?! Although now newly married and having moved back to the farm in Sangudo, my life is on an exciting journey. To the newly-diagnosed - Life has changedh, not ended. Life has took a turn in which you either (figuratively) run with the new challenge - or just stop. Take the Hand of the Hand that stilled the waters . . . He's going the same way.


Hobbies and other interestsI have written as a freelance writer with publications of several of those 750 word articles. I love to garden, to be out among nature's challenges and delights

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