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I had some initial attacks that resolved themselves early on an MS did not even seem a possibility. I had a serious ear infection where things may have initiated back in 2009. The main MS attack i had in 2012 left me with a tight intracoastal muscle on my right chest. Started on Avonex right after this. I was stable for 2 years although the intracoastal muscle on my chest had gotten just alittle better, it have never completely resolved and spatiscity is an everyday occurrence. In August of 2014 i had another MS attack that causes buring on my knees and shins and other places intermittently. Just started Tysabri at the dr. recommendation in October 2014 and gave up on Avonex. Hope to resolve many of these discomforts from the MS. If someone were to get MS, i would recommend, to help to avoid further attacks, do not over exert yourself in exercise and particularly on warmer days. If you get the dreaded MS Hug, this can be severely limiting disability. It makes you feel like you have pressure on your chest, and its constant reminder there can bring on extra stress.


First experienced symptoms2010
First Diagnosed 2012
Symptoms Spasticity, burning sensations
Treatments Avonex, Tysabri

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