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I guess I've been having symptoms for most of my adult life that have been chalked up to being ditzy, or clumsy...falling or dropping things for no apparent reason. I've had a host of other medical problems, including a TIA 5 years ago, being morbidly obese (with all accompanying conditions), and 2 years ago had a full Gastric Bypass. I've lost about 120lbs, have stopped taking the 12 Rx's/day for those fat-related conditions. THEN...about a year after the bypass, started noticing a much higher instance of the falling & dropsies. Still, I wouldn't have sought help, except that I'm a professional working musician, playing keys, guitar & singing in lots of different styles & venues...rock bands, bars, churches, etc...and started making mistakes. BIG ones. That I'd never made before...blanking out on words to songs I KNOW, losing my "feel" on keys...playing wrong ones....again, on stuff I KNOW. Plus, I had a few instances where I drove right by my exit on my way HOME....when those things started happening...when my professional life started being in jeopardy...I started the battery of testing...the rest, as they say, is the future.....


Living Well with MS Healthcare
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