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My name is Grace and I was diagnosed with MS back in 1996 by a brilliant neurologist whom would not give up on me and wanted to know why I was having so much pain, migraines, muscle aches, numbness, balance issues, vision issues, and why I lost feelings in my legs during my second pregnancy in 1988. After having lost my sight while driving in 1996 for 10 minutes that was the moment when I knew something was happening to me. My Dr. did every test possible to find out and many MRI’s, at first the MRI did not show anything however after other tests and more MRI it showed that not only do I have MS but an empty selar tumor which is caused by spinal fluid build up from the spine to the brain frontal lobes which is unremovable. I was put on prednisone for treatment for a long time and given pain medicine, my children were very young and my marriage was heading down hill do to the fact he couldn’t support what I was going through and MS was not well known back then so we divorced in 1998 and I had to support my children and in order to do so I drowned myself with work and provided for my children and put my health on a stop. 5 years after I became ill again to a point where I couldn’t move, my diabetes was out of control, my headaches became unbearable and my work was being affected by my health issues. 2003 after being on short term disability from my work I decided to only work part time until I became stronger, again I put my health aside and started to work full time because my children are going to college and I had to provide. In 2009 my memory started to worsen and being an owner of a finance company I couldn’t continue to do what was expected of me and decided to close the business and go work for someone else. 2015 I began to have issues with my legs where I was having pulling of the legs underneath me and that alone scared me, so I had to find a neurologist that can help me with my issues. My new neurologist explained that I’m now in secondary progressive MS, and how I can not go into any MRI machine because now I’ve become closter phobic even when I’m inclosed in a 10x10 rooms I need to be near a window or I will have panic attach and difficulty breathing. I have stayed positive and strong willed for so long that not having control of what was happening to me has sure made me turn around and start listening to my body, I decided in 2017 to apply for disability with the recommendation of my doctor. It’s been a tough road but I’m here and I will not give up! I have a granddaughter whom makes my life filled with so much happiness.


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Hobbies and other interestsI loved dancing and I would love to dance if my body allows me

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