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I was just diagnosed with Clinically isolated Syndrome. On August 15 2014 i went to the emergency room because for a week straight I was experiencing double vision, extreme vertigo, And a migraine in my left temple but it wasn't until half my face became paralyzed thatI into er where they have me an mri and found 4 prominent lesions and 4 non prominent lesions on my brain where i was then referred to a neurologist who basically just gave me an MS physical. He did no spinal tap. He told me that the report He got on me sounded allot like MS but now after the physical it looks even more like MS. He had me get blood drawn and found that my vitamin d and b1 was low. So he ordered 5 day infusion of a high dose of steroids and vitamin b1. After I got done with that about a week went by and my eyesight got allot better but my perception still feels off. I believe i am experiencing my first ms flare up. I've been getting allot of pain in my legs, forearms, And lower back along with a pain on the right side of my chest accompanied by shortness of breath. My balance has been bad since my eyes first started acting up and I get random bouts of dizzyness. For the past 2 years my memory has gotten worse and worse but right now it's absolutely terrible. I have my next Neuro appointment in a couple weeks and im hoping to find out what will happen next.


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