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I was always active. I was military police, local law enforcement, and now federal. I was the one who people called for help. Now I am trying my best to hide my deficiencies so I can continue to work. Fortunately I currently only have balance issues and episodic vision problems, but it is hard to fight and shoot when you can't maintain balance or see straight. Due to my past I have a serious gallows humor and find humor in many things others find repulsive. Knowing this, I try to keep most of my humor to myself. I find so much funny with my situation and people are offended that I laugh at myself and crack jokes about my future. There is a saying in the military, "embrace the suck." It means you accept that what you are about to do is horrible, but it needs to be done. Once you have embraced it a calmness comes over you. It doesn't mean you have given up, only that you accept it is going to suck and you just have to press on. I would rather look at the suck and plan for the worst and hope for the best, than only hope for the best and have no plan for the worst.

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