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Hello to all, My Name is Holly, I have been suffering symptom for several years now. I have no diagnosis yet, I have been to several DR.s Neurologist and a movement disorder center, I have had a couple of MRI's and a spinal My spinal report showed ABNORMAL , it says ch Comment, SF Microscopic slide review performed. f2: Oligoclonal Bands, SF The patient's CSF contains multiple restriction bands that are also present in the patient's corresponding serum sample. We are unable to define whether these gammaglobulins are of systemic or intracerebral origin. My MRI's Show several white matter, it says it shows a demyelinating process I just had a CT with contrast, it shows a degenerating on the spine, I have suffered with essential tremors that come and go, depression, hashimoto, fibromyalgia, and the following issues on and off for a couple of years Numbness, spasms, weak in my legs, pain/pressure/burning feeling vertigo, balance issues, clumsy, Eyes very blurry on and off, numbness in face on left side, swelling in hands ,feet, and face, severe pain on spine, what is called ms hug, this squeeze around my ribs that comes and goes, abnormal gait. I can go on and on, I was wondering has this happened to any of you.???


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