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I am 61 years of age and male. I recently had to retire after a long and wonderful job that filled me with joy and happiness and a sense of honor. I began working in my field in 1975. Well that is when I started college. Prior to this I spent two tours of duty in the jungles of Vietnam. I am proud of my service, but not proud of the reason we went to war and how it ended either. We were involved and became entangled in that mess, thanks to the lie of LBJ, one of the most feared man on earth at that time. Nixon gave us Honor with peace. Yeah, thanks 50,000 died for that honor and made their deaths completely useless. I am sorry but, I needed to say that. I was diagnosed when I had a MRI after a really bad accident. The secondary findings of Plaques and MS diagnosis. It was based on the MRI and the symptomatology I was having at that time. I felt like I had a hundred pounds of weight on my extremities. Walking was like putting on snow shoes and walking through a vat of jello. As are most first time diagnosis I was given the R&R. 2008 it was well documented of having relapses even on the meds I was taking. That is when my diagnosis was upgraded to secondary progressive. I survived all those years, that what I believe) because I kept very active, dancing, my favorite was Salsa, the Cha-Cha, and swing. Through those years and with help of the medications, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis nonalcoholic type.In 2010 I was having a lot of joint pain, I was the lucky recipent of Psoriatic Arthritis. Even further, I do not have Psoriasis, that I know of. So, that makes my PsA a very rare occurrence. How does one get so lucky. I began having these Abdominal Pains, that would come and go. Then one night the pain was so bad, my son had to carry me to the care. The results of the test showed cirrhosis and a common bile duct around 17 millimeters. That is huge. Ok so what do I do now. The surgeon came to see me and said the GB had to come out. So, 2 weeks later I had the surgery. Of course, remember I am a real lucky man. The luck did not let me down this time too. The tissue was so bad, that I began bleeding and got peritonitis. That pain is unbelieveable. So, back I went, but, I wanted to have a stent placed and see what happens. Either way the odds were 50-50. So, we did the stent. That work fine, as son as I woke up I noticed one thing, the pain was gone. In January 2013, I got blood clots in both legs. These clots were of the Great veins in both legs. Because I was so symptomatic, I was put on lovenox for a week, and began the coumadin thing. What a nightmare. I ended up in the Hospital about every three weeks. I still got cellulitis, and that two is painful. So, while on coumadin I began to fall. Man that is weird, I felt like I fell in slow motion. I stopped the blood thinners. Eventually everything calmed down, except My MS seemed to me to be progressing awfully quickly. In short order the falls began, tremors began ambulation was getting really hard, I got a cane. My PCP wanted me to be in a wheelchair. Right I said, how am I ti use the chair with this god awful PsA. Yeah, needless to say I still only use the cane. Today. I a, worse, but it is hard to explain to people that next time you see my ambulation may be better or worse. The concept of the symptoms that can come and go, is difficult for most to understand. Everyone would say why are you not in a wheelchair. I had to teach about MS and it's weird behavior. We could have the exact same diagnosis but have very different symptoms or problem. Then I came up with analogy. I said " like the real estate agent that is finding you a home, what is it: The Price Is all about location, the location and finally Location. That is enough for now.


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Hobbies and other interestsI did play the guitar but can not now. So, I now turn that energy to music which very rewarding. I currently have almost 200,000 songs. I also have been teaching myself computer 3d animation and using specific software to make worlds, mountains etc.

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