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My Story 2

I’m guessing ms started affecting my life in July,2017. I just loss my job at a construction company and was just about to walk into a job interview for a valet company that was calling for me to work for them for 2 months because for their new contract and I had previous night auditing experience. While I pulled into the parking garage and hit my leg hard I mean really hard. So I had a limp that I thought it would go away But it stayed with me until this day. I was not the type of person that when to the doctor or hospital. So it’s keep get worse slowly. I was the only person that could do my job because everyone they hired quit so I worked everyday for 2 months 80 + hours a week until I started getting really sick throwing up, my memory Got started going for my short time memory, not eating losing a lot and sleeping most of the day. My mom made me going to the hospital because I couldn’t keep my balance. I went August 1,2017. At first the doctor didn’t know what I had so they poking me every 2 hours. On day 3 they tried spinal tap and since it was a school and the doctor let a student do it failed, so the last day the real doctor did it got it on day 4. Day 5 I was discharged with the Diagnosis of ms and 3 week leave from work. Because my doctor told me that I just need to apply for disability because I will online get worse. But i did to work because my apartment at the time was 2000 a month. While I had to take the 3 week off work I did my boss was threatening to fire me and replace me so when I went back earlier. I went back I wil admit my work was slower then it was before but they let me work other month before they fired me after I full trained 2 people. They said my work was unsatisfactory. I looked for a job for 2 months after they find out I have ms their interest dies to hire me. So I applied for disability they rejected me once now I’m on my second case. I had to move back to my grandparents house because I can’t find a job.

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