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I first started experiencing symptoms in May of 2010. The first sign was that my eyes became unsyncronized and I felt a lot of dizziness and nausea. When I went to my PCP (Primary Care Physician) she told me that it was something more than just an eye problem. I went to an ENT and they told me that they ruled out Bells Palsy. They sent me home with some diamazapam and told me to sleep. I remember it so clearly because on Memorial Day weekend I went to a BBQ and the right side of my face dropped. I was scared and didn't know what to do. My mother, brought me to NYU Epilepsy ward and they told her it wasn't eplipsy, but they needed to get me in to see someone fast. The next day they ordered a spinal tap and on June 19, 2010 I was diagnosed with MS. Me as a dummy had no idea what it was or didn't know the fact it was uncureable. So they hooked me up to steroids and it eventually went away. Thank god that I haven't had any problems since then and I'm very happy to say that I have the best doctors In the world literally. My insurance is not the best but Dr JAI PERUMEL saved me. My mother also found a doctor that didn't take insurance but is the best doctor in the world. DR. SAUD SADIQ. He is the head of the INTERNATIONAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS PROGRAM. He takes no insurance and it doesn't matter because he makes sure his patients are taken care of and spends one on one time with them. I am living with MS and I can say that I feel safe with my doctors and my condition and I see a cause in the future.


First experienced symptoms2010
First Diagnosed 2010
Symptoms Fatigue, Pain
Treatments Tecfidera

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