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My Story, I have been living with MS over 15 years now. MS didn't slow me down much the first few years. My MS moment was in 2007 when I started limping, developed weakness on my left side and terrible fatigue. This is when MS became a reality in my life. Around 2010 my MS progressed to secondary progressive. My biggest challenge has been coming to terms with my physical limitations. I still refuse to sit back on the side lines and many times I push myself to total exhaustion. I have a power chair sitting in my garage the insurance company bought me about 5 years ago. I use it as a motivator to keep moving as I fear losing my mobility the most. I am involved in at least 3 different studies at two different universities. My hopes are, my involvement in the different research studies will contribute in finding a cure for this disease and spare many from the disabling effects of MS. My hopes are that everyone living with MS keeps a positive attitude and mindset of not giving up. Find a way to keep active both physically and mentally. It will help. If you are interested I invented a device called the MS Muscle Strength Compensator or MSMSC for short. It has helped me tremendously with my hip flexor muscle issue as well as my foot drop. I have two videos on U Tube. Search MS Muscle Strength Compensator or MSMSC. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks


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Hobbies and other interestsInventor for a mobility assistive device called the MS Muscle Strength Compensator or MSMSC for short.

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