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I started having systoms in 1971 RRMS, which I tolerated fairly well with high dose steroids. So I handled my relapses , like hiccups in my life. When I was disabled with SCMS it hit me hard since I couldn't work any more, and no income meant I could no longer pay my bills. The depression I feel into and unable to clean my dwelling place tugged me deeper in depression, losing my confidence losing any self-worth. I had to struggle with not committing suicide, my faith in GOD was my only defense against against my desire to die. I am now getting help form a psychology and a psychiatrist. But I lack the desire to socialize in my condo complex. Therefore I don't have any socialization, feel very alone and witout any support system. But I am hanging in and still have a strong desire to help others. I did get to be a RN,the last 10years of my work life. I also try to use humor in my coping box.


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Mobility and accessibility
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