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Diagnosed at 16, it has been a year since I got diagnosed with MS. I'm only 17 now. It was the middle of my junior year in high school.I started to feel different and not in a good way. First starting off my, left hand went numb and I couldn't play guitar. I would say it was the most frustrating time of my life because guitar is something I love to do. I get home and that's the first thing I do is grab my guitar and play for as long as I want. which can go on for hours, so when it first started getting hard for me to play it was devastating and I remember going to my doctor all she said was I probably just had a pinched nerve from playing guitar too much. So I thought yeah that's probably what it is because shortly after my feeling came back. But then a couple months went by and I remember going to the gym"atomic boxing" and I felt like my legs were giving out and I was going to faint, but for going to atomic for so long this was the first time that's ever happened to Me and everyday I would go I kept feeling that way. Then all of a sudden I started to feel numbness coming back, but this time it seemed to be getting worse it started going up to my arm shortly after it was my whole left side including my stomach and leg and I started to feel really nauseous and dizzy whenever I was in the car which was so new to me because I would never get car sick before and it got to the point where I couldn't drink my coffee In the mornings and that's when I knew something wasn't right because if you know me I lOVE coffee and if I don't drink it there must be something wrong. So I went to the doctors once again but this time she told me I had to get a MRI which made me kind of nervous because I wasn't sure what they were going to find. The next day I couldn't budge to get up for school. I felt horrible tired and had a headache again but to try and get my mind off of things I decided to try and get some of my homework done, because I didn't want to fall behind in school. Then later that day my mom gets a call during work"julie needs to be admitted to the hospital right away her MRI came back abnormal" and I know my mom was scared because it sounded like she was about to cry, but I know she didn't cry when telling me "call your dad right now you have to go to the hospital" because she didn't want to freak me out. which in my head I kept thinking "oh my god please don't be cancer" I know it's horrible to think but when the doctor told me we found spots on her brain it freaked me out I tried to stay calm and not freak out but underneath it all I was scared out of my mind! I got to the hospital and they had me wait for a while. They were setting up a room for me at the time. Finally that day the doctors come in asking me so many questions like how are you feeling and everything else a doctor would ask you. I remember we're all sitting in the room waiting for someone to tell us what's going on finally a doctor comes in and says "you may have multiple sclerosis " I'm my head I'm still freaking about because when I didn't know what going on I was googling everything and I remember reading about MS so all I could think is oh my god what's gonna happen to me now , but they were still not for sure if I actually had it. Until later that night the doctor comes in and says we have to run a test which was getting a spinal tap which can I say was the most uncomfortable thing ever. It felt like I had so much pressure on my lower back and I remember the docs asked my parents to Step outside while they were giving me a spinal tap but I said no I made my dad stay in the room with me because I know he doesn't get grossed out with needles and so I could squeeze his arm because Knew it was going to hurt. Later that night the doctors came in with the results "you have multiple sclerosis" It's been a year now since I've been diagnosed with MS. They say the first year is the worst and for me it was. I had five flare-ups and missed half of my junior year. Being only 17 it's difficult to deal with. Thank god for music because it definitely helps me. Also changing my diet to a vegetarian/vegan helps too. All I have to say it FUMS!!


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